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the Toul's Brews was created by the Touls bros' or Ilias and Giorgos Touliatos. An idea that was born while both were abroad and brought them back to their homeland to implement it. The microbrewery started in 2018, based in Patras, the production of fresh and unpasteurized beer and constantly presents a new recipe that you can enjoy all year round. The beer in its most all year round version.
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Touls Bros'

George Touliatos

He is a mechanical engineer. That is, a practical mind with an obsession for detail. He takes over the technical part of the brewery and makes sure everything works perfectly. You will see him every now and then drawing on paper innovative patents that change the traditional way of brewing.

Ilias Touliatos

The food technologist. He is inspired by new recipes out of nowhere and constantly tries combinations that change the classic taste. He dreams of a world of beer connoisseurship where The Toul's beers have their place.

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